Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ella Kate turns four!!

I can' t believe our sweet niece is four! I know every birthday I say that but time really is flying by! She is such a blessing in our lives. We miss her living close but we love every second that we get to spend with her. We celebrated her birthday with a pool party at the country club where they are members at. It was so fun seeing her with all of friends at her party. I am so thankful they have made a lot friends in the short time they have lived there. Here are a few pictures from the big bash:

The view of the lake from the country club

Hello Kitty cupcakes

The birthday girl on the slip n slide!

He loved it!

Hudson making the climb up the slide

Todd sliding with Hudson and EK!
I love their faces in this one. It was over cast that day so the water was really cold. I was worried about Hudson getting too cold but he was having so much fun!

Can't believe this sweet girl is four!!
We love you Ella Kate!!

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