Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I have gotten a little behind on the blog....I am still trying to get adjusted to being a mommy and making time for my blog. We are loving every minute of our baby boy and have been very busy since his arrival. Hudson is growing so fast and seems to change everyday. He is a very active baby and is awake a majority of the day. He is sleeping much better than he did the first few nights and we are starting to get in a routine. We have had lots of company and blessed to have lots of wonderful people from church bring us food the past two weeks. This past weekend we were excited to have Todd's brother Byron and his wife Jennifer in from Dallas. They were so excited to finally meet Hudson and we enjoyed our visit with them too. Today we got Hudson's newborn pictures taken and some family pictures. He is was very good for the pictures and was awake for most of them. Here is one of his pictures....isn't he sweet?! We should have the rest soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hudson is HERE!!!

So here is a short version of Hudson's arrival. I went into the hospital Wednesday August 27th around 5:00 AM (long story...I thought my water broke) only to be sent home around noon with "early" labor. The doctor said I would be more comfortable at home and to come back when it is time. I was NOT happy! So around 6:00 PM my water "officially" broke (although the doctor still told me it hadn't) and we made our way back to the hospital. I was in labor all night and was not making any progress. I began throwing up and the doctor was concerned I was getting dehydrated. He decided to keep me and that they would induce in the morning! They stated me on some fluids and then around 9:00 AM they started me on Pitocin to help get the process started and I was able to get my epidural. So thankful for that! Todd had decided to come back to Henderson to get a shower and get a few things for the hospital....and A HAIR CUT...seriously?! Well, a little pitocin was all I needed! While he was still in Henderson the nurse checked my progress and I was already at a 6. So, I call him to tell him to get back to the hospital quick! In the mean time, my doctor comes to check again and I was already to an 8! I was ready to push by 12:00 but they decided to let me rest a little so I would have the energy to push. I pushed for about an hour. He was turned so he had a little trouble coming out.
Hudson Miller Lewis arrived on August 28th at 2:09 in the afternoon and he weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. I also have to mention he has the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair you have ever seen:) We instantly fell in love with him and I can't believe he is finally here. Things have been kind of crazy since Hudson's arrival. Hudson had his nights and days mixed up the first couple nights we were home. Then my Mom, Dad and Todd all came down with an awful stomach flu and were sick for DAYS. I just prayed that I wouldn't get it too. So that has been keeping us very busy. We went for his weigh in at the doctor Tuesday and he weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces which the doctor said was great because they don't expect them to back to their birth weight for a couple weeks. The doctor said he was doing great!! I will do my best to keep you all updated on our little man. Here are some of his very first pictures.

His very first picture

Us with our great Labor and Delivery Nurse Linda! She goes to church with us so that made it extra special that she was there. Thanks Linda!

I couldn't get over his hair. Beautiful strawberry blonde and LOTS of it!

Kisses from Mommy

Resting with Daddy