Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed in!

The weather channel got it right this time! They had been saying a winter storm was heading this way and that is what we got. Thankfully, it was mostly snow with a little sleet in between. We spent most of the day in yesterday and then headed to Nana's so Hudson could play in the snow. He liked it but he just couldn't figure out how to get around in it. He would just fall down and then just crawl around in it! We thought it was pretty cute!

All bundled up!

Hudson crawling in the snow
Me and my snow baby!

Where I left off....

So back to Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas with my family in Henderson and New Years in St. Louis. We enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with family and friends.

Hudson reading his Christmas book.

Family pic

GiGi with eleven of her thirteen great-grandbabies. Number fourteen will arrive sometime this summer:)

Me and sweet Keenan!

Cousins and matching PJ's from Nana

Hudson and his new rocking horse

More presents

More presents at Gran and Grandaddy's in St. Louis.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Surprise!!

A few weeks ago we all got a nice little surprise. It was a Friday afternoon. Todd was already out of school for Christmas break. We had made dinner/movie plans with Zack, Cherith and EK and were looking forward to a fun night with them. I had talked to Zack earlier that morning to make definate plans and I could tell he was in the car. I was asking him what they were doing and he said they were about an hour or so away and they finishing up some stuff for Christmas. Then he proceeded to tell me they were on their way home from Nashville. I thought all this was strange. I thought about why they would be in Nasville and even mentioned to Todd how strange it was. Well, an hour or so later I get a text from my other brother Chad asking if we want to go to dinner later that night. Side note: My brother Chad lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado!! We had not planned on seeing him anytime soon. SO we were very excited that he had made a surprise trip to Tennessee. We enjoyed dinner that night with him and lots of family time that weekend. He enjoyed getting to see Hudson and Ella Kate and they loved spending some time with their Uncle Chad. We were very sad to see him go on Sunday but we are looking forward to him coming again in April. We told him next time he has to bring Brandy with him though:)

Uncle Chad is so much fun!!

Saying "Bye-bye"

Kisses from Ella Kate


I am just now getting around to the Thanksgiving post. Some of you may remember my Thanksgiving post from last year. This year we had planned on spending Thanksgiving with Todd's family in St. Louis. We were planning on leaving Monday of that week and staying through Sunday. Byron, Jennifer and Jackson were flying in from Dallas on Wednesday. On Monday, just before we had planned on leaving, we got the unexpected news that Todd's grandmother Austin had passed away in Montgomery, Alabama. We were all heartbroken. She had been in assisted living there for almost a year. We decided to go on to St. Louis and would just come back early on Friday since funeral arrangements had been planned for Saturday in Florence, Alabama. We had a nice visit in St. Louis with family and friends and also enjoyed getting to see all of the Austin family in Florence. We wish the circumstances could have been different but we were thankful we got to spend some time with them and they all enjoyed talking about all the good times they had with their Grandma. They gave her a wonderful memorial service. I know that her legacy lives on through each of her grandchildren and now her five great-grandchildren.