Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jackson Parker is here!!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our sweet nephew. Jackson Parker Lewis made his appearance into the world Sunday morning around 8:49 weighing 5 pounds and 15 ounces. Mommy and baby are doing great. We are already trying to plan a trip to Dallas to meet the little guy. I will post pictures as soon as I get them! Congrats Byron and Jennifer on a precious baby boy!

We can not wait to meet this precious boy!

Father's Day Fun!

Todd got an early Fathers Day present the first weekend of June. He and his friend Chad flew to Dallas for a long weekend to visit Byron. While they were there they had the opportunity to see George Strait in Concert at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. They had a lot of fun visiting Byron and his wife Jennifer...who was a trooper and went to the concert EIGHT months pregnant. Yay for her! I know she will love telling Jackson that when he is older. While in Dallas, Todd enjoyed some Texas bar-b-que, Whataburger and some authentic Mexican food. He has not stopped playing George Strait since he got home! Here is a picture of Chad, Byron and Todd in front of the new stadium.

For Father's Day weekend we went to St. Louis to visit Todd's parents. Chad's daughter Carissa's also had her sixth birthday party while we were there. We always have fun at Chad's parties and this one was no different. They had a bouncy house for the kids that even the adults enjoyed jumping in. They had lots of pizza and a cute, yummy cake. On Saturday we went to the pool with Chad and his family for the afternoon. Here is a picture of Hudson in the pool for the first time. He loved it!!

Sunday we enjoyed lunch at Hatfield and McCoys with all the family and Todd also got a sweet card from me and Hudson and book called "My Daddy and Me".

Happy Father's Day Todd! We love you!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hudson meets the lake...

We have waiting to take Hudson to the lake for the first time and we finaly got the chance to a few weeks ago. We weren't sure how he would do since he wouldn't be able to crawl around and would either have to be in his car seat or have his life jacket on while he was in the boat. Well...he hated the life jacket. He was a little happier in his seat. The first time we put him in the water he was not to crazy about it but he eventually got used to it.

As you can see by the second picture he was not happy at first but I had to share it with you because it was so cute. The next time we went he had turned into our own little surfer dude. He loved it!

So I am a little behind!

We have had a very busy summer and I have been a horrible blogger. I have gotten way behind on updating you on what has been going on in our crazy busy life. The month of May was very fun and filled with lots of family time and a trip to St. Louis. I also got to celebrate my first Mother's Day. We celebrated last year but Hudson was still in my belly so it was very nice to celebrate with him in my arms this year. We enjoyed lunch with My Grandmother which his Hudson's GiGi. Todd got me some perfume and some make-up...I of course had to help with that. Here is a pic of me with my two favorite boys on my very special day!

We spent Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis visiting Todd's family. We also got to visit with some of our friends while we were there. I also got to spend a little time with some of the Castlio crew which always makes me happy. We always enjoy going back to "the Lou" for a few days and seeing everyone while we were there. I think Todd's parents enjoyed seeing their grand baby too. He kept them on their feet most of the weekend and they realized real quick how active the little guy is. They loved watching him crawl all over the place and laughed at him getting into everything!