Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fall Highlights

Fall is always a very busy time for us. I love all the colors and activities that go along with the season.

Hudson picked out the perfect pumpkin!

Hudson's fall program at school

Our little conductor at Halloween

Eating his Thanksgiving dinner at Mother's Day Out

Catching up...

I realize I have lots of catching up to do. I want to do better at keeping this up to date and I am hoping since I am in my final stages of grad school that I can do a better job at this. Back in October....(yes, I am that far behind) we decided to take one last vacation as a family of three. We headed to the beach for a few days during fall break. We had a great time! Hudson loved the beach and did not want to leave. 

Sweet boy at the beach

Our family of three:)

We went to the beach when I was about this far along with Hudson so I wanted to capture a picture of me at 29 weeks with Maddox. 

He loved the kids pool at our hotel. He could have stayed there all day!

He loved playing in the sand! He wanted to build lots of sand castles.

Our gorgeous view on the beach everyday!