Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend at Lake Guntersvile

Every summer we take a trip to Lake Guntersville for the weekend. It is a gorgeous lake in Alabama and we can always have lots of fun when we are there. We spend all day on the lake and then enjoy dinner at one of the yummy restaurants in town. We had great weather and got lots of sun while we were there. Hudson loves the water and jumping off the boat. He is starting to become a little fish!

One of the gorgeous houses on Lake Guntersville

Ella Kate

Zack getting ready to jump at goat island

Zack jumping the little cliff. Todd jumped the bigger one. (By bigger, I mean the 70 foot one!) Cherith and I decided we needed to be the responsible ones and stayed in the boat with the kids!

Love my family!

Tennessee Line

A few weeks ago Todd and I went to Nashville to see Daughtry with my brother and his wife. We had awesome seats on the floor that were just a few rows back from the stage. We had a great time!

Todd and I ar Rippy's before the concert.

Cherith and I trying not to melt in the rain

Daughtry singing one of my Favorites:
Tennessee Line

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hudson's surgery

In March, we went for Hudson's eye check-up in Memphis. You may remember my post about his new glasses that we were hoping would correct the crossing in his right eye. When we went for his check-up, Dr. H had not seen any improvements and felt that the glasses were actually causing him more problems. He decided that surgery was our best option . We spent about an hour discussing all the possibilities with him and we went ahead and scheduled Hudson's surgery for May 5th.

I actually took this all pretty well. I knew that at some point I was going to "loose it". I just wasn't sure when that might be. I was doing great until the morning of his surgery arrived. Todd, my mom and I got to LeBonheur East in Memphis around 7:30 that morning. We waited and then they called us into one room only to move us into another room. Just when I would think it was time, then it wasn't. When surgery time finally came, Hudson was a champ. He picked out a toy in the bunny room. He chose a cute little monkey. He went with the nurse without any problems. I on the other hand....lost it. I couldn't help but worry about my baby. I just wanted everything to go ok. I got myself together and made my way back to the waiting room. The surgery lasted about an hour. Dr. H came and told us everything went great and we would be called back to see Hudson any minute. I was so thankful when I finally got to see my sweet boy. He was resting in the arms of a sweet nurse. She was wonderful with him and I felt so much better when I finally saw him.

We went back for Hudson's follow-up a week later and the doctor was very impressed with the results from surgery. He made me feel so much better and was very confident the surgery was successful. We will go back for another check-up in August.

Playing before surgery. He had no clue what was about to happen.

Hudson getting some pre-op work done.

Holding my sweet boy after surgery. He was so pitiful.

One of the first things he said after surgery was "yum" when he got his Popsicle! He loved it!

Holding his monkey and paci's. He was so ready to go home!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sand and Sun!

For Spring Break we decided to take Hudson to the beach. We had wanted to take him sometime while he was still little but big enough to enjoy it. He loved it!! He loved the "ah wa" as he called it! We could not keep him away from the water. He would run up and down the beach for ever! He has no fear, he would just run into the water and we would run after him. He loved playing in the sand. He loved filling up his bucket with water and playing with all his toys. We are so glad that he enjoyed his first trip to the beach!

My parents tagged along for the trip! We were very excited about them joining us for a little vacation until my dad hurt his back (before the trip). He decided to go on and make the trip with us. He thought he could rest on the way and would feel better once he got there. That didn't happen! He ended up needing emergency back surgery as soon as we got back. He was miserable the whole time we were there. Did not even make it to the beach. We felt so bad for him. So now we just say that we have to go back so that my dad can actually enjoy it this time!

Here are a few pictures from Hudson's first trip to the beach!

Love this!!

He loved playing in the water!

Walking on the beach with mommy

Our family:)

Birthday dinner at McGuires

Hanging out on the balcony

After dinner at The Crab Trap

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's official!!

We have always wondered just who Hudson looks like. Now we know!!

I got this idea from my friend Brooke's blog and thought it would be fun to try. You should try yours too!

Here is the website: