Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sand and Sun!

For Spring Break we decided to take Hudson to the beach. We had wanted to take him sometime while he was still little but big enough to enjoy it. He loved it!! He loved the "ah wa" as he called it! We could not keep him away from the water. He would run up and down the beach for ever! He has no fear, he would just run into the water and we would run after him. He loved playing in the sand. He loved filling up his bucket with water and playing with all his toys. We are so glad that he enjoyed his first trip to the beach!

My parents tagged along for the trip! We were very excited about them joining us for a little vacation until my dad hurt his back (before the trip). He decided to go on and make the trip with us. He thought he could rest on the way and would feel better once he got there. That didn't happen! He ended up needing emergency back surgery as soon as we got back. He was miserable the whole time we were there. Did not even make it to the beach. We felt so bad for him. So now we just say that we have to go back so that my dad can actually enjoy it this time!

Here are a few pictures from Hudson's first trip to the beach!

Love this!!

He loved playing in the water!

Walking on the beach with mommy

Our family:)

Birthday dinner at McGuires

Hanging out on the balcony

After dinner at The Crab Trap


Sandy said...

Love the pictures!!

brooke said...

so cute! the one of him on the beach alone is amazing! Yall all look so cute and happy!