Friday, October 22, 2010

Anniversary Weekend!

Todd and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on July 21! The following weekend we left Hudson with my parents and went to Nashville for the night. It was so nice just to get away. We enjoyed dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Greenhills. It is one of our favorite places to go and we try going there to celebrate everything. The closest one is in Nashville but it is so worth the drive for us to go there. Then on Sunday, we attended church in Brentwood at the church I attended when I was living in Nashville. It was nice seeing old faces but it was so weird not having Hudson with us. Then we headed back home. We had to make one stop along the way....

The Loveless Cafe. Amazing!!

We are already planning our next trip to this famous Nashville cafe!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ella Kate turns 3!

In July, we celebrated our sweet nieces third birthday! I can not believe this sweet girl is already three. It seems like yesterday we were all at the hospital waiting for her early arrival. We all prayed over her as she spend the first thirteen days of her precious life in the NICU! It was such a scary time for all of us, especially my brother and his wife. We thanked God that both Ella Kate and her mommy were finally able to go home. Thank you God for blessing us with the beautiful girl!

Ella Kate turns 3!

Riding her new four wheeler from her mommy and daddy!

Wish I knew what these two were up to....

Aunt B loves her Ella Kate!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In July, we went to Dallas to celebrate our sweet nephews first birthday. We enjoyed getting to spend time with Todd's brother and his family. Todd's parents also flew in from St. Louis for the big bash! We had a great time. Here are lots of pictures from our trip:

No trip to Dallas is complete without a trip to Southfork! Byron and Jennifer live just a few miles from this famous ranch. So while they were both at work on Thursday we did a little sight seeing.

Hudson and I at Southfork Ranch

Hudson showing off his fire hat from Firehouse subs. If you have ever been to Firehouse you know the subs are amazing!

Hudson and Jackson loved taking turns pushing each other. It was so fun to see the boys playing and interacting with one another. They also enjoyed getting baths together every night! We got very spoiled having them together for almost a whole week. We made lots of memories!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Another fun thing that we did was Downtown Dallas. We went to the Dallas Children's Hospital to see the train exhibit. It was very neat. Hudson loved looking at the trains going all around the track. It is a free exhibit inside the hospital for the kids to go look at and get their mind off of their illness.

Hudson's first trip to the Grassy Knoll. Todd and I both took turns running and getting our pictures made standing on the "X" where President Kennedy was shot.

Last stop was the Dallas Children's Museum. We had a lot of fun. Hudson loved getting to run around all over the place!

One of our many attempts to get a picture of PePaw and Mimi with the boys. This is the closest thing we got! We had a great time in Dallas and are so glad we got to spend so much time with all of the family. We are looking forward to our next trip!