Friday, October 22, 2010

Anniversary Weekend!

Todd and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on July 21! The following weekend we left Hudson with my parents and went to Nashville for the night. It was so nice just to get away. We enjoyed dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Greenhills. It is one of our favorite places to go and we try going there to celebrate everything. The closest one is in Nashville but it is so worth the drive for us to go there. Then on Sunday, we attended church in Brentwood at the church I attended when I was living in Nashville. It was nice seeing old faces but it was so weird not having Hudson with us. Then we headed back home. We had to make one stop along the way....

The Loveless Cafe. Amazing!!

We are already planning our next trip to this famous Nashville cafe!

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Mindy said...

The Loveless Cafe is the best ever. So glad you guys were able to enjoy it! Happy Anniversary!

(Sorry, I know I'm just now reading this months later.)