Monday, December 8, 2008

Just this once.....

All of you know that I am a HUGE Tennessee fan and Todd LOVES the Crimson Tide. So this year has been pretty interesting at our house since Alabama has had an amazing season and Tennessee....well we all know what happened. So Hudson poor guy has been in the middle of all of this...he has a few Tennessee outfits and few Alabama outfits that we let him wear when they played each other in October. I thought I would be nice.....JUST THIS ONCE...and let him wear the Alabama outfit that Summer got him on Saturday during the SEC Championship game. I personally didn't really care who won but knew that I would be hearing about it the rest of the night either way. I was sorry for Todd that his team lost but mainly just happy that a SEC team will be playing in the BCS title game.
Todd and Hudson in their Alabama gear. I personally think he looks better in orange:)

Hudson sitting in his Bumbo seat the first time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My family almost always goes to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. My aunt Linda(my dads sister) is a wonderful cook and always loves to cook our Thanksgiving meal....and she likes to say that my mom doesn't know how:) We also get to visit with my dad's parents while we are there. So we made our annual trip to Fort Smith on Wednesday morning. When I say we I mean Todd, Hudson, Gracelyn and I along with my was a very long seven hours:) We had gotten word that my Grandpa had gone into the hospital on Tuesday night...this was his second or third trip to the hospital in the last month or two. We knew this was just the beginning of his decline in health and my dad tried to prepare us for that the whole way there. I still hoped and prayed that he would get better and that maybe he would get to come home from the hospital while we were all there. Once we got there my dad and mom went on to the hospital to see Grandpa while Todd and I stayed at my aunts with Hudson. We had decided we would go on Thursday when he felt a little better....I never got to see him. Grandpa passed away about 7:30 on Thanksgiving morning. He was just so weak and his body couldn't take being sick anymore and he had a heart attack. We were all so devastated....we were thankful that he wasn't sick anymore and free of pain but we just weren't ready for that. Throughout the whole week I tried to be strong for my Grandma and all the rest of the family and tried to think about the blessings in my life. I was so thankful that we were all there to be with Grandma and that my dad had gotten to see him one last time. We all came together for Thanksgiving dinner but it just wasn't the same. Grandpa LOVED Thanksgiving when we all came together and he especially loved my aunts turkey and needless to say it was a very hard day for all of us.

I didn't take too many pictures that day but I did manage to get a few pictures of Hudson's first Thanksgiving.

Hudson taking a nap with his daddy....before the big meal.

We like to say he is saying "touchdown" but he has his arms like this a lot!

Hudson meeting Great-Grandma Farris for the first time. She thought he was precious. It was funny because she didn't realize how red his hair was at first and then when she did she LOVED it!!

After the funeral, Todd, Hudson, Gracelyn and I decided we would go and stay with Zack and Cherith since they just live about a hour away. Hudson was not sleeping good and we just kind of wanted to get away for a day. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with them and sweet Ella Kate. Ella Kate is so much fun and she is finally starting to interact with Hudson more. She sat in the floor and played with him for the longest time and would kiss on him and "burp" him. She would give him his passy if he was crying and then should clap and say "Yay".

This is what EK does when you tell her to burp the cute.

I love love love watching them play together....well I guess her playing with him. We are looking forward to watching them grow up together. We just hope Hudson has a few more cousins to play with:) We also enjoyed a surprise visit with my brother Chad. He hadn't planned on coming for Thanksgiving because they are coming to Tennessee for Christmas this year. He flew from Denver to Tulsa on Friday afternoon so he could be with the family for Grandpa's funeral. We were happy to get to see him a month earlier than we had planned but not the circumstances around it. We were glad that Hudson finally got to meet his Uncle Chad and we are looking forward to him meeting his Aunt Brandy at Christmas:)

Bonding time....Don't they look manly in the leopard chair?!

Just before going to Chili's for dinner...If you know either of my brothers you know we go to Chili's just about every time we are together. I Love Love Love this sweet.

Ella Kate loved having Uncle Chad here too. We get to see him again in a couple weeks:)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last year Todd and I set a record and put our Christmas tree up on Halloween...crazy I know. We did this for various reasons since we were living in Missouri we knew we were going to be in Tennessee and Alabama for most of the holiday so we wanted to enjoy it early. This year we weren't that crazy but we did get it put up a couple weeks ago. I love decorating for Christmas and even though this is just our second married Christmas we have lots of ornaments and they all have a special memory behind them. I am also proud to say that our tree is already full of presents:) Santa was very eager this year and got his shopping done early.

O Christmas Tree!

Tag....I'm IT!!

It is pretty sad that it takes me getting tagged to FINALLY update my blog. My friend Arika was so nice and tagged me. I am supposed to go to my FOURTH picture folder and post the FOURTH picture and tell you FOUR things about it.

1. This is Todd and I with his brother Byron and his wife Jennifer.

2. This picture was taken at their gorgeous wedding in Dallas, Texas on Memorial day weekend.

3. Todd and I got married fifty six days from this day!

4. We are both blessed with AMAZING families!!

So now that I have done my part in this fun game of tag I get to tag FOUR people to do the same on their blog. I tag...Megan, Mindy, Rebecca and Jill. Have fun girls:)