Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Colorado Day 1: Air Force Academy

Our gorgeous view of Pike's Peak from the guest room at my brother's house. No wonder we can't get them to move to Tennessee!

We stayed busy the whole time we were there. We did lots of sight seeing and ate lots of delicious food. A lot of it my parents and I had already seen but since this was Todd and Hudson's first trip there we had to do it all again. One of our first stops was the United States Air Force Academy. It is one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen. I know it may not be so pretty for the Cadets but at least they have a gorgeous view of the mountains.

One of the many planes we saw at the Air Force Academy. Since the events of September 11 this section is now closed off to the public. Most of the buildings are where the Cadets live and offices.

The front of the Cathedral

Side view of the Cathedral.

Inside the chapel of the Cathedral

Uncle Chad and Hudson

I love the view of the mountains behind us!

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