Friday, July 8, 2011

Cog to Pike's Peak

Our third day in Colorado Springs we rode the Cog Railway up to Pike's Peak. I had done this with my brother and parents a few years ago but we knew it was something Todd and Hudson would enjoy. Hudson was so excited about riding the train up the mountain! I was a little nervous about making the trip up to Pike's Peak. I was a little concerned about being 13 weeks pregnant and going up a mountain that is 14,000+ feet above elevation. I called my doctor and they just told me to drink plenty of water and be extremely cautious. I was thankful we made it to the top without any problems!

Our view on the way up the mountian

We made it to the top!
It was about 30 degrees at the top of Pike's Peak. I forgot to pack "warm" clothes for the trip so we were freezing up there!

The view from a little over 14,000 feet!

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