Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let the Christmas fun begin!

We were so excited to put up the Christmas tree this year. Hudson is fascinated with lights so we knew he would love the lights on the tree. We decided to put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. The first year we were married we put it up on Halloween. We thought about doing that again this year- but with all the kids I have in and out of the house we decided to wait a little bit. Hudson was a little confused as to to why there was a tree in our living room but after a few minutes he was very excited. We waited to do the ornaments so that he could help us. He loved getting to help decorate the tree. He has only taken a few ornaments off since then! He has even opened a present. Wonder how many times that will happen before Santa comes?!

Just give him a box and a tree and he is one happy boy!
I took this with my phone so the quality isn't great but then I went and got my camera and we had a little photo shoot. He sat in his box by the tree and would go and get books and toys and just sit. He was very content with his box.

The best Christmas present of all!

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Mindy said...

I'm so glad that you guys are early tree putter-uppers too! After Thanksgiving is just SO late and you barely have any time to enjoy it!

And it's official, I adore Hudson. :)