Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Bunko Christmas

Every year, my Bunko group gets together for a Christmas party. We all bring tons of food and a gift. Sometime we draw names but we usually just play dirty santa. It's much more fun that way! We love stealing each others gifts. I think this year we were all pretty happy with the gift we ended up with. I admit I was a little sad when my original gift got stolen but I was very happy with the ThirtyOne bag I took home! I really just enjoy spending time with these girls. We always have so much fun and enjoy our night together with just us girls. We missed some of our regular girls but we enjoyed having our subs join us for the fun. I am so thankful for these girls! One I have known since we were five, another one has been with me through everything since sixth grade and some are friends from high school and college. No matter how long I have known them, we each share memories that will last a lifetime!

The table of food....after we started eating. Everything was so yummy! I might even have to share a few of the recipes with you. My friend Amy made a delicious hot bacon dip. I will be making in soon!

No holiday gathering is complete without Oreo balls! Oops...Looks like one is missing!

All this gifts!
I forgot to take a picture of us with our gifts but thanks to the self timer on my camera I was able to get a group shot:

Take 1:
Where's Monica?

Take 2:
Where's Allison?

Take 3:
Much better!
I can not tell you how much I love these girls!!!

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