Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family Fun!

Every year the my moms side of the family gets together a week or two before Christmas for a get together. This year was a little bittersweet since Grandmother Miller wasn't with us to celebrate. She always loved having us all together. When we were younger she would have lots of fun (and silly!) activities planned. Sometimes it would be a skit for all the grandkids (there were nine of us!) to do, a game to play or just a fun way for us to get our gifts. We still laugh at some of the things she made us do but we are so thankful for all the memories we shared. The holidays just aren't the same without her and we miss her so much. I really wish she could be with us to celebrate during times like these.

My dad and my sister in law chatting away

My wonderful cousins:)

Chad and Brandy came in from Colorado to be with us for the weekend. We loved having them home during the holidays. We don't get to see them enough and we miss them when they aren't here. Hudson loved getting to spend time with them. They always spoil him when they are here. This time was no different!

The same day we also had a tea for my cousin Josh and his new wife Katie. They got married in Vegas in October so his parents threw wanted to have a celebration to honor their new marriage. We are so happy to have Katie in our family and we are really excited that Josh finally made her his wife!

Josh and his new wife Katie!

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