Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Third times a charm....I HOPE!

Hudson is now on his THIRD ear infection. He started being fussy late Monday night. I thought maybe it was from the shots so I was giving him Tylenol every four hours like I have done every other time he got shots. In the past the shots really didn't bother him so I wasn't really sure what was going on with him. He was up all night Monday night with a stuffy nose and I could tell something was bothering him. I thought maybe it was his ears but I thought surely his pediatrician would have caught it...I even wondered if it could have been the PEAS!! So Tuesday he seemed a little better but still just not him self. Todd and I were supposed to be on Mrs. B's first time parent panel in her class that afternoon so we went ahead and went with Hudson. Hudson was very good for her class and even slept for the first half. He did get fussy at the end so we just told them they were getting a "real" taste of parenthood:) That afternoon my parents came and got him so we could have a little break and after about an hour my mom called and I could hear him we made another trip to the doctor. As soon as she looks in his ears she says "well that's whats wrong with him" and I am thinking that is what I thought but I just knew his regular pediatrician would have noticed that at his check-up. Todd went to Jackson to get his antibiotic filled and got him a humidifier...we have had several people recommend them so we are hoping that will help. He seems to be much better today and he slept MUCH better last night. I am hoping this will be our last ear infection for awhile but I definitely won't count on it!

A happy Hudson visiting his Nana at work.


Arika said...

Poor baby! That has to stink! Glad he's feeling better. We have a humidifier and I don't know how healthy it keeps Rhett but I think he noise of it keeps him asleep a little better. He's slept great since we've started using it. Hope it helps our sweet Hudson! :)

Stephanie said...

Ear infections - YUCK! We have definitely had our fair share of them around here. Hopefully this will be it for a while.

Sasha said...

Oh no!! I hope he gets well soon!!! :o(

Thanks for the comments on my last post. Ashley D., Sandy, and I have been making cards every other Thursday and you are more then welcome to join us. We would love to have more girls to visit with while we make them. Just let me know if you are ever interested.

And I use "Picasa" to make my collages. You can google it and download it free.

Jonathan, Rebecca and Mary Beth said...

Poor Hudson! MB has already had 2, so I know the feeling! I hope he feels better soon!