Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something New

It seems like there is something new with Hudson everyday and I don't want to miss any of it. I keep the camera on me at all times and I feel like the paparazzi at times. Every time he eats something new, plays with a new toy or wears a new outfit I have the camera ready for that perfect shot. Here are a some of the pictures I have taken of these "first" for Hudson.

Hudson tried using a sippy cup for the first time. I have tried giving it to him a few times when he is eating and sometimes he drinks from it and sometimes he just chews on it. Whatever he wants to do with it is fine with me. I had just wanted to see how he would do with it. I thought he did good and I know when he is ready he will do great.

We finally started putting him in his high chair. We had been using his bouncy seat to feed him and that was working out great. Since he is so active and is growing so much we thought it was time for the high chair. I think he is pretty cute!

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Three plus Me said...

Can't wait to hold that sweet baby! He's growing up too fast!