Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loving this weather!

The weather the past few days has been amazing. We all enjoyed the pretty snow last weekend but I think we have all enjoyed the warmer weather a little more. I was so excited about the warmer weather because I was finally able to get out and stroll Hudson. Todd and I decided to take Hudson and Gracelyn for a walk on Saturday afternoon. Gracelyn was so excited. The second you say "walk" she is all over the place and ready to go. We started walking and before we knew it we were all the way at my mom and dads house. They live a little less than a mile from us and we have always teased that we live close enough we could walk to their house and now we really mean it. It was a nice break for Gracelyn...she was thirsty and I was too. I have to admit I was little tired afterwards but I hope to do it again soon!

Hudson and Todd are ready for our walk

One cool baby boy!


Stephanie said...

I just got back from a walk myself - isn't it great?! I am so ready for spring to come and STAY!!! Loved the pics.

Sasha said...

Ha! Was that the walk that Jared and I saw you guys on? You looked so cute with the baby stroller and Todd was walking the dog... Picture perfect family right there... ;) ;)

Brittany said...

Ha! It was:) We can't go anywhere without our othr baby...Gracelyn!

The Seatons said...

That's so nice that you live so close to your parents! I love going on walks in the sunshine! Can't wait til our little fella gets here and we can take him out! :)