Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cabin Fun

My aunt has been wanting to get all the girls of the family together for a night at their cabin on the Tennessee River. With Spring Break being this week we had a chance to get away on Sunday night. So my mom and I loaded up with Hudson and my aunt and GiGi (my grandmother) loaded up with Miller and Andre (Katie had to work....sad) and we all headed to the cabin on Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed our night together talking, cooking and even had a chance to watch a movie while Miller and Dre played and played and played. Hudson just played around in the floor and watched as those two big boys ran all over the place. We laughed and said it won't be long and he will be running around with them. On Monday, the Nashville cousins came for the day. We always love getting to see them and see their kids and my grandmother always enjoys us all being together.

Hudson spending some time with GiGi. She loves him to pieces and can't wait to get her hands on him every time she sees him.

Hudson napping on his Nana. He was so tired and he finally gave up.

Singing "Hudson's song" aka "It's a Small World". My mom started singing it to him a while back and he loves it so we sing it a whole lot. Well, Andre wanted to join us. Every few minutes Andre would stop by and want to sing to him. Andre would say let sing to "El Kate" and I would say that's Hudson and he would say "no its El Kate" and we would do this several times and then finally he said, "Don't tell Hudson". Precious. He continued to call Hudson "El Kate" several times but I would just pretend he didn't...he was so confused. He has loved Ella Kate since she was born so he thinks ALL babies are her.

All the cousins getting together for a picture. This is only half of the great- grand kids. GiGi has twelve and she is so proud of each of them. Maybe one day we can get them ALL together...but who knows if we would ever be able to get them still for a picture!


Stephanie said...

Fun! Mark and I couldn't believe how big Miller has gotten!!! He seems so tall!!!

Missy said...

That fine you add me but I don't update that much.