Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow! What?!

Our friends Bekah and Ian from St. Louis came for a visit this weekend. We were very excited they were finally able to make time to come see us. We were enjoying our visit with them and were about to head out to dinner when we looked out the window and saw lots of snow falling down. I was very surprised!! I knew they were calling for some snow to come our way but I think we got a lot more than they had expected. I think we got about ten inches at our house and it was gorgeous. We tried to get out and play in it today but Hudson wasn't too crazy about getting all bundled up. I just took a few pictures and then came back in with him while the boys worked on getting the drive way cleared. It had already started melting by the afternoon and the roads were clearing off pretty good. Some of the schools have already cancelled for tomorrow but we haven't heard from Todd's school yet. We are crossing our fingers though!!

The view from our deck last night

Our deck and backyard today

Our sweet boy in the snow

Hudson trying to figure out what this crazy stuff is:)

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Coach Lewis said...

I thought when we left St. Louis, that we left all the snow too!