Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Birthday Bash!!

We celebrated Hudson's birthday last Saturday! It was a great day! Hudson was surrounded by so many of our friends and family that love him to pieces. He loved his party, as much as a one year old can. He liked opening his presents and he LOVED his cake. He wasn't real sure what to do at first but eventually he dug into it. He got so many toys, books and clothes, which mommy and daddy were very thankful for. One of his favorites was from Kealeigh, a dump truck filled with blocks. He loves pushing it all over the place and he is actually playing with it now! He also loves to get in it and be pulled around. He is a mess!! Here are lots of pictures from his party....

Hudson opening his presents....with the help of Kealeigh and Ella Kate!

More presents.......

Hudson's star cake! The big cake was similar but was delicious! We of course had to get a Dumplin's cake since that is mommies favorite and we got Chocolate Chip for daddy:)

Singing Happy Birthday!! I will admit...this was the moment I cried. I could not believe that my sweet baby boy was turing one. I am blessed by this child every day!!
Yummy cake:)

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Lyns said...

Brittany, this is too too sweet! He looks like he really enjoyed himself! He is a beautiful little boy-looks just like his mommy! :)