Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A whole new world!

One of Hudson's big presents he got for his birthday was his new front facing car seat. He barely fit the weight mark, especially since he has had two stomach bugs in the last three months. So we were very excited when we were finally able to get rid of the baby seat and put him in his big boy seat. I will admit it was kind of bittersweet. I am happy that he is a healthy, growing boy and big enough for his new seat, but sad that my baby is turning into a toddler! He looked so big sitting up and looking out the window. It really was like a whole new world for him. He was a very happy boy!! We know that this may not last long and eventually he will hate riding in the car period, but for now we are all enjoying the new seat.

My big boy in his new seat

He loved looking out the window! Now...if we could just get rid of that paci!!


Arika said...

It is a whole new world for them, isn't it?? :) They do look like SUCH big boys. And don't worry about the paci. I've always been told they'll leave it behind when they go to Kindergarten. Ha. :)

The Moses Family said...

So which one did you end up getting? And let me know when you figure out how to get that paci away! It is Zacharys best friend I believe! I love Hudsons red hair. I want to come see him again!