Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday Night Lights!

Being married to an assistant football coach means lots of Friday nights at the football field! We are loving watching the guys play and see the progress they make from week to week. It's also nice to see that all the hard work and time away from Todd is paying off. I said at the first game, "if they don't win, I am going to be so mad since I never see my husband anymore!!" I am pretty sure they lost that game:) But they are now 2-3 which doesn't sound great but they are 2-0 in the district which is GREAT! That means we are tied for first in the district and still have a really good chance at going to the playoffs! They have already accomplished so much this season, including beating McNairy Central, one of their rivals and a team they haven't beaten since the early 1990's! I was so excited! This Friday is our homecoming game (I am allowed to say "our" since Todd is coaching at my Alma Mater) and they are playing Lexington. It should be a great game and hopefully another moral victory for Todd since he taught in Lexington last year!

Ready for the game!

Here they come!

Ella Kate came for a game. She loved it! She loved seeing Uncle Todd on the field and she really loved the frozen pickle juice....eww!

Hudson watching the game!

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Mindy said...

Congratulations, Todd! He should really be proud of his team!

And I know you're glad the're doing well to make up for the lack of time spent together. Believe me, I now that feeling! At least if he's not with you, it's still paying off somewhere else.

Hudson is the cutest thing ever. I just adore his red hair!

Enjoy football season and fall, in general. It's about time to break out those hoodies!!