Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

I can not believe that my sweet baby boy is already ONE year old. It seems likes yesterday we were at the hospital waiting on his arrival and were blessed with this beautiful strawberry-blonde baby boy. Our lives were forever changed that day! I knew I would love being a mommy and it gets better every day. Hudson does something new every day and is growing every second. He is waving "bye bye" and has said it a time or two. He also waves hello. He loves giving high fives and climbing on and off the couch! He all over the place! He is in 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes. He loves to eat....anything we give him. He loves anything from the Mexican place...we go there like twice a week so he better like it:) He loves chicken, mashed potatoes, bananas...and the list goes on!! He is crawling all over the place and cruising around the furniture but really doesn't seem to care about walking just yet. That is fine with me!! We are having the big 1st birthday party tomorrow so for now here are a few of my favorite pictures from Hudson's "birth"day!!

On a side note: Hudson woke up on his special day with a stomach bug.....awful!!! He was pretty pitiful this morning but seems to be doing much better this afternoon. We are hoping he is all better by tomorrow so he can eat some cake!!


cindysit said...

Happy Birthday Hudson. I remember when you were in your Mommy's tummy. It feels like it was just yesterday! Hope you have a great party and dig into your cake!!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!! He is so cute!! :o)