Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We got her!!!

One of my very best friends Rachel and her husband Ty are expecting their first baby July 23rd. As soon as we found out she was pregnant the shower planning began! We decided to surprise her early when she least expects it. Since she doesn't find out until next Monday whether she is having a boy or girl we decided to give her a mommy shower with a few baby things here and there. We were going with a girl/boy theme and I saw shower that Todds cousin Julie had done and got a few ideas from that. We had a lot of fun and she was very surprised. We are all so happy for her and Ty and have all waited for this day to come. Now we just have to wait for July!!

We were wanting to do something different and wanted to incorporate the idea that we don't know what she was having. We were going to do a pink and blue cake with a big question mark until I saw the zebra themed shower that Julie had done. It was perfect especially if you know Rachel...she is not your typical baby pastel mommy!

This is not a good picture of the invitations but they read:

Rachel is due

The Connor house could soon be a zoo

Come help us celebrate upcoming pink or blue

Please bring something for mommy and baby too!!!

Here are a few of the decorations and some of her gifts.

A very surprised Rachel!! This is my favorite Rachel face:)

Reading our prediction cards. We wrote on pink or blue cards whether we thought she was having a girl or boy, arrival date and time, height and weight and a piece of advice for her or a message for baby. It was a lot of fun seeing what everyone predicted and it will be interesting to see who will be right!

I remembered to get a picture after everyone else had left so here are just a few of us.

Hudson came once everyone had left so I had to get a picture of the two of them. We can not wait to see whether Hudson will be getting a new best friend or a new little girlfriend (that is if Rachel and I have anything to do with it). We are all so thankful that God answers prayers and that Rachel is finally going to be a mommy!! We can not wait to meet baby "C" and can finally give this sweet baby a name:)


Stephanie said...

So THAT'S what you were up to at Target - very cute! Did you make that cake??!! It looked awesome!!!

Brittany said...

Yes, that is what we were up too! No, I did not make that cake...I am not that crafty. I was thankful to get the invitations made:) Holly Wilkinson made the cake, she works with Todd and makes cakes on the side.

Arika said...

Cute, cute party! I was due on July 22 with Lawson and he came on the 25th so that's what I predict for her. :) Also, I predict baby boy. :)

The Moses Family said...

What a cute idea for a shower!

Jillian said...

cute shower ideas!! and send my congrats on to rachel and ty!

Sandy said...

The invitations turned out cute!! Good Job!