Monday, February 23, 2009

Then there were TWO!!

TEETH that is!! We have known for several weeks now that Hudson was teething. He started out just a little more fussy than normal and drooling all over the place and you could feel two little teeth under the skin. Then over the weekend one finally appeared. I knew there was another one but didn't know how long it would be before it would decide to come through. Well, this morning when I went to get a very happy Hudson out of his crib I noticed there were now TWO! I just can't believe how fast he is growing....make him stop now! He will be six months on the 28th and he now has two teeth, he has been "army" crawling for a couple weeks now and I feel like if I blink he will be walking, talking and I don't even want to think about him starting school. Everyone told me when I was pregnant to enjoy it because it goes by fast and boy were they right. I try to take pictures of everything and write it down when he does something new but it is so hard sometimes. Here are a few pictures I have taken lately of our little man.

Hudson is starting to love playing with toys or anything we can get his hands on. If he sees something he wants he finds a way to get it. He is a very active baby and rolls and scoots all over the place. He has several favorite toys but he especially loves anything that talks or sings and lights up.

Another one of Hudson's favorite toys is his Elmo. This Elmo was actually mine and my parents found it a while back when they were doing some cleaning. He loves it and of course it laughs and says "that tickles"!!

Saturday we went to the Freed-Hardeman/Union basketball game. We had a blast cheering on the Lions and Lady Lions and were happy that the Lions defeated Union for the second time this year. Hudson also got some loving from my friend Paige. He loves her and she of course loves him too.

Hudson and his friend Redick. Redick is the son of our friends Chuck and Bethany. Chuck and I went to high school and college together and he is the youth minister at our church. Redick loves hugging and kissing on Hudson so at the game Hudson decided he wanted to be sweet back. He was really just trying to eat his face but it still looks sweet:) I LOVE that I get to watch our babies grow up together!


The Moses Family said...

No fair! Z is STILLLL working on tooth #2. You are lucky Hudson cut those two suckers so quickly! Zachary must like dragging it out for me!

Stephanie said...

Okay, you had me at the title!!! I thought for sure you had an announcement for all of us! JK - Glad the teeth finally popped through - those can be the pits!!!

Brittany said...

Ha!! No....and I really hope it didn't jinx myself! I wasn't even trying to do that at first but then I couldn't think of a good title and thought that was funny!

Jillian said...

He's getting so big! Such a cutie!