Monday, February 2, 2009

Here's my CHEESE!!!

I got tagged yet again. This time I am supposed to take a picture of myself(right then) and tell you five things about what you see. I will be honest and say I saw this Friday after I had already updated for the day so I decided to wait until today. I did take a picture today similar to one I would have taken Friday.

1. Obviously I am looking gross early in the morning...still in my pajamas, no shower, no make-up, nothing. SO see I didn't cheat by waiting til today:)

2. Kealeigh was sitting with me while I was trying to take the picture. I love her:)

3. Hudson was sleeping but I could hear him waking up while we were taking pictures.

4. So he got in the picture too:)

5. I seriously started this an hour ago and I am just now getting it posted. Now you know why I am so bad about updating:)

I think most of you have already done this but I am tagging...Jill...Megan...Julie...Sallie and Katie!!!


Becky Welch said...

love the pics!

Stephanie said...

You look great - thanks for playing along!!!

Arika said...

You definitely do NOT look gross! You look great to be wrestling two kids all day long! :)