Monday, August 22, 2011

Hudson's first day!

We decided to start Hudson in a Mother's Day Out Program this year. He is at the age where he needs to get out of the house and spend time with other kids. He is such a smart boy so we knew he would love it. I just wasn't ready for him to grow up. I had a few break downs before his first day. Overall, I think we both did pretty good with the transition. He went to an open house the Thursday before he started so that he get acquainted with his new "school." When we dropped him off last Monday he just walked right in like it was no big deal. When Todd started telling him bye, Hudson asked if mommy would be there with him. I lost it. He is used to Todd leaving him but not Mommy so it was so hard for to tell him that I was leaving too. He handled that much better than I did:) He had a great first day at school. He has been a couple more times since then. So far he is loving it! I always look forward to hearing about his day.

Eating breakfast before his big day

He has his lunchbox and he is ready to go!

He was all smiles before school

We were so glad that daddy came for the big drop off:)

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