Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All things boy!

I love having a little boy! I never thought that I would love all the things that little boys do but I can not imagine my life without my son. I love football (Todd got pretty lucky when he married me!) and pretty much every other sport! We have already been talking to Hudson about sports...especially football and what position he is going to play. Todd has decided it is time to start working on passing and catching. We are pretty sure he is going to be lefty so that could make things a little more interesting! Hudson loves playing ball with his daddy. He will say "sit daddy sit" and he could throw the ball with him for hours!

I wouldn't trade my life with these two boys for anything!

Another one Hudson's favorite things to do is build with his blocks. He got some new blocks for Christmas and he loves them. He will say "build it, mommy, build it"! He loves to just dump all the blocks out too. He is still trying to learn how to get his blocks to stay up but he takes this job very seriously!

Building his "tastle!"

He was having so much fun!

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