Friday, January 14, 2011


The forecast got it right this time! They were calling for a big snow storm to cover parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee earlier this week. So on Sunday night the snow started coming down. Todd and I were like little kids! We would race to the back door to watch the snow. He was excited because they had already called school off for Monday. I was hoping we would would get enough snow to cancel my grad class on Monday night. We ended up getting about four inches by Monday morning! We both got a much needed break. My grad class got cancelled for several nights....which means we are having to meet all day on Saturday...Not fun! School ended getting out on Monday and Tuesday. So we took advantage of our snow days and got some stuff done around the house and I worked on projects I have due this weekend. We of course took some time out to play in the snow. Hudson was really excited when he saw the snow on Monday morning. He remembered it from our trip to St. Louis so he was ready to play!

Getting ready to make a snow ball!

Eating his snow ball! Yum!

Loving the snow!

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