Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of my heroes

Today, being Veteran's Day I wanted to dedicate my blog to all the Veterans in my life. My dad and Todd's dad both served in the Air Force. Them along with many other important men in our lives out their lives on the line everyday for our country but the one who had the most impact on me was my oldest brother Chad. Chad enlisted in the Army in the Summer of 2001 and little did we know that all of our lives were about to change. On September 11, 2001 ironically Chad was finishing up the last stages of his basic training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. I know that he will never forget where he was on that horrific day in our nations history. We all feared what would happen next and all of our fears came true. My family traveled to South Carolina a few days later for Chad's graduation. We enjoyed every minute with him and were all so proud of him. The day we left him was a day I will never forget. We all stood together and held each other as my dad said a prayer for him, for us and our country and then we all stood and watched him head back to his barracks....alone. I don't think any of us spoke for several hours on the car ride home or at least until it was time for a bathroom break or some food:) Chad was later stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado and not long after served a year in Iraq. We all anxiously awaited his next phone call or letter and prayed for him everyday. I think it was probably the longest year of ALL of our lives. Thankfully Chad made it home safely and we are all so so proud of him. Today I honor him along with all the other amazing men and women who have served our country! Thank you!!!!

Chad, Zack and I inside Chad's barracks....September 2001. Look how skinny we all were.

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Stephanie said...

Hey, girl! Great to hear from you. I added you to my list of blogs I am following. You're baby is so beautiful (is that okay to say about a boy?) Anyway, he is. Thanks for writing.