Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two month check-up

Today was Hudson's two month check up and time to get his shots. He was such a good boy and I think he did better than Mommy did. He weighs 11 pounds and 8 ounces and is 25 inches long so he has gained about four pounds and grown four inches since he was born. He is gaining weight like he should and seems to be right on track with everything. The doctor did find a heart murmur that they had not detected before. He said he could have already had it or he could have developed it since then. He seemed concerned but also felt that it is minor and should hopefully heal on its own. He is sending him for an electrocardiogram just to be sure. We will have that sometime in the next week or two and it will be sent to Vanderbilt to be reviewed by a pediatric cardiologist. I really didn't know what to think when the doctor was telling us all this I was surprised and a little nervous about it all. I asked him lots of questions and and he reassured me that they usually heal on their own and without causing too many problems. After, the doctor left the room...I was holding back tears....I teased Hudson that he can't have a heart murmur because he HAS to play football! Please pray that everything will be OK and that it is minor and will heal on its own.

I was able to snap a couple cute pics while we were there waiting for the doctor.

Waiting for the Nurse to come give him his shots. He had no clue...poor baby!

He is one happy boy!!!


Arika said...

I love the pics! I'm already praying for the murmur to go away on its own. I'm sure it will be fine. He sure is a cutie! :)

Sasha said...

Just read your blog. I'll pray for the murmur to go away also and not cause any problems.
FYI, I had a heart murmur as a baby. No one knew until after I was adopted. So I was at least 3 months old. It went away on it's own also. I've never had any problems. I want to say they are common.

Sandy said...

love that smile!!