Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet baby cow!!

Tuesday night was Trick-or-Trunk at church so we decided to take Hudson on his first Halloween adventure. This was our first time for Trick-or-Trunk too so we enjoyed getting to see all the cars decorated and some very creative costumes. I on the other hand was not as creative and Hudson went as a sweet baby cow. I had originally wanted him to be a puppy dog but after a long search I gave up and I was just very happy to find an infant costume that actually fit him. I will say he was the most adorable baby cow I have ever seen and was the only one there. I will definitely start my search early next year for that puppy dog costume:)

Hudson with his daddy

I loved cuddling with my sweet baby. I was so glad he had a warm costume since it ended being a cold October night. He was such a good boy and stayed awake for most of the night.

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