Friday, August 1, 2008

Closing Time!!

It is official...we are homeowners! We finally closed on our house July 30th and we were thrilled. So as I am updating our blog my parents and Todd are at the house working on taking up floors and painting. Todd teases me and says I made perfect timing being pregnant during both of our moves. I would much rather be helping them then just sitting here especially since the "nesting" instinct is starting to set in. So I spend my time going through Hudson's things and trying to organize his clothes. There is lots of work to be done to the house but we hope to have everything done by next weekend so we can move in. I will post some pictures once everything is finished so I can show you the before and after. Thanks for checking on us!


brooke said...

Very exciting! Thanks for posting! I told Todd you dont blog enough! I always check! Take care!

Todd and Brittany said...

I know I am trying to better! Please forgive me:)

Jill said...

Hey, Brittany! I just stumbled upon your blog via Becky Welch's. Just wanted to say congrats on the house and good luck with the baby!!! Very exciting! We'll be keeping up with how things are going with ya'll!