Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surprise Party!

Labor Day weekend we went to St. Louis to visit Todd's family. Todd and I had planned a little birthday party for Hudson while we were there since they didn't get to come for his party here. What Todd didn't know was that we were planning a little surprise for him. His 30th birthday is coming up (September 21 to be exact!) so we decided to surprise him for the Big 3-0! He just thought we were having a party at some friends for Hudson so he was surprised when it turned out to be for him too. We had a great time with lots of family and friends in St. Louis celebrating these boys.

Happy birthday to two of my favorite boys!

I even got him an Alabama cake for the surprise!

I was glad we were able to pull off the surprise. I am sure he will get me back one day. Good thing I have a few years until my 30th:)

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