Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It will happen soon enough!

I just knew since Hudson started crawling so early that he was going to be walking by now. We have several walking toys and he pushes them and walks all over the place. He is just not ready to let go and take off just yet. He has taken four or five steps between the couch and coffee table and to his cousin Miller but that's all. I am honestly ok with that. I have said before that I am fine with the fact that he isn't walking yet. That means I don't have to chase him any more than I already am! There have only been a couple situations when I have "wished he was walking" and I usually take it back after a few minutes. I would love to see him run to his daddy on the football game after a big win or run around with other kids at a birthday party. I know it will happen soon enough and then I won't be able to keep up with him.

Hudson checking out his new toy from Nana and Poppa

I think I will push it....

This is so fun!!

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The Moses Family said...

Yes, it will be soon enough! I'm glad Z is walking, but its a very trying time when you are at places you just can't let them run all over. Church is very hard!