Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Safari Adventure

Mom, Aunt Judy and I took a day to take Miller and Andre to Alamo to the Tennessee Safari Park. We called this "our little adventure" because we weren't exactly sure how it would all turn out but the boys loved it and of course we did too. We rode around in our car and got to see lots of animals including ostriches, zebras, llamas, camels and many many more. At the end there was a petting zoo where we saw some very interesting monkeys, pigs, a huge giraffe and even a hyena. Miller and Andre loved looking at all the animals. Miller even fed the pig a bottle while Andre was more interested in the tractors. The giraffe was in the barn trying to stay cool but we bribed her out with carrots and Aunt Judy got to feed her some. We enjoyed our adventure and topped the day off by stopping at The Green Frog for ice cream.

Aunt Judy feeding the giraffe carrots

Miller got to feed the pig with a bottle

Me with my favorite boys

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